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2017-01-22 03:09:04 (UTC)


Mood: determined
Song: I'll be fine By Erick Macek
Color: Dark Blue

I'm writing This Entry by something a friend of mine Z wrote in her own Diary about Beauty.
It got me thinking about Girls and how we naturally have something inside us that makes us need to be loved, cared for and that needs to feel like we are beautiful, lovable and Needed.
As a rule Women are Nurturers we want to take care of others usually specifically our children but it extends to anyone we love and care about.
So if We women are nurturers why are we also so insecure about ourselves?
shouldn't we have received that sort of Nurturing from our Mothers and our fathers that tell us all the things that we are?
All the things God created us to be?

I don't know i know that i'm insecure about my looks, aspects of my personality ect. I know that everyone i know is insecure about something i guess that's just human nature...but it's not a part of my human nature that i want to pass down to my children if i have them, it's not something i want to pass down to my little sister or younger Girls in general that i may see or be in contact with.
I want to be confident but not high and mighty.
I saw a video of a Dad talking in the morning with his daughter in the mirror and every morning he goes through this list of things with her where she repetes after him all these good and positive affirming things and i think that it's very cute and brilliant and it's heart melting.
But it wasn't just things like "I am beautiful" but it was also things like "I work hard" it's more than just teaching her to love her outer appearance but also things that she is on the inside but also things she should work to be.

I've decided maybe to do something like that with Emma and with my Own kids in the future.
But it's not just something i want to share with the younger generations i think it's something teens need, it's something people my age need and it's something that people older than Me need.
It would help us all in our lives if we loved ourselves and then we are able to better help, be there for and love others.
it's the idea that what ever it is you want people to learn from you starts at home, it starts with you.

So to any Girl out there....no matter you age, background, race, Career, education level, Married, single ect.
This is for you...this is for me... This is for Us.

This is something that i want you to say out loud as you read (Yes i'm serious lol)

My name is______________________ Z, Em, Emma, Katie, Tara, B, Ect what ever.
I am Beautiful.
I am Strong
I am Smart
I Work Hard
I am Unique
I am Blessed
I Have Gifts and talents to offer the world
I am Loved
I am Amazing
I am Funny
I have Worth
I am Trying
When i fall or fail i will get up and try again
I am a better person today than i was Yesterday.
I can do anything i set my mind too.

So yeah.... If i could pass on something to Z to Em, To Emma to you whom ever you are reading this it would be that you are all those things in that list above you are special and beautiful and funny and and Amazing just for being you.
No your not perfect but you are who you were meant to be and all the things that you've gone through all the bumps and bruises and scars.... they make you who you are, they make you more compassionate to others they make you unique in your circumstances and those thing you go through aren't in vane it's so that maybe later on you can be there to help someone else who's going through something similar.
The sky is the limit for you my friends....go out and do the things, experience the life, feel beautiful and powerful and wonderful because you are!
I love you, God loves you.