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2017-01-21 19:50:49 (UTC)

Saturday after new President

We got a call a couple days ago from his cousin leaving a message that his aunt had died. He did not write down the number to call her
back. Said he would talk to his brother about it later. He also mentioned that if he were to go to her funeral he would be going with me.
I said, no, you won't. I am not going. He wanted to know why? WHY? I told him once again why....reminding him that I had told him that
story about three times now and would not be going over it again. So, it would be nice if he actually listened. He understood after I
told him again. He said he did not want to go either. She lives in another state. Neither of us want to drive at night much. So, that will
be our excuse.

Glad we have a new President. Not happy about CNN who I hope have some superior to answer too that can fine them or remove them
from our airways. MSNBC also. That damn Racheal Maddox is a complete idiot. To take his speech where he keeps saying that
AMERICA FIRST is a "racist" statement and could lead to world war 3? LOL You can not make this shit up. These people are nuts.

Then lady GAGA is going to do a FUCK YOU TRUMP performance at the super bowl. How do these people keep getting jobs?

I will watch it just to see what the hell the bitch really does. But after that.....fuck the BRONCOS....GREEN BAY...PANTHERS....all of
them can go straight to hell. I will never watch it again.

And these damn women marching in Washington? From the looks of some of them, a good walk might do them some good.
But they do not look very bright. We are in 2017. Women have rights.

I was a single parent, I was able to get college educated, a great career, paid cash of the car I drive off the showroom floor....
my kids are successful...because I took time to raise them...unlike what these women do.....sticking a smart phone in the hands of
a four year not teaching them anything.....they do not look up until they are old enough to drive car.

People have lost their ever loving minds.

I am sick of it.

But proud of Donald J Trump....who will be the best President that we will ever have.......
if the do not get him killed first.