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2017-01-21 08:46:59 (UTC)

Not a tree huger but a hugging tree

Mood: Confused
Song: More than life by Whitley
Color: Dark Blue

UGH! so I've never considered myself a crier someone who cry's at every little thing, i cry when heart broken and i cry when i'm extremely angry (a fact that i really hate)
But lately it seems i cry at the little things, I cried 3 times when reading the book a monster calls recently (Amazing book read it i'm telling you)
I cried at an episode of a stupid teen show i watched as a kid that i never finished and went back and started watching and a character dies and my heart broke.
I cried at the song that mentioned above at the beginning of my entry i don't know i think with the song it's a mix of the sound of the song which is low and gravely and sad but also... hopeful for healing and good things to come.
This song is where brokenness and Hopefulness meet.

I went to the park tonight and walked at the track, easily 2 miles over 20 laps around.... i was day dreaming a conversation in my head, i can't be the only one who does this... like you literally start imaging the whole conversation between you and this other person i realized that while i was walking i was mouthing the words to the conversation and even making small hand gestures... *Shakes head*
But i was also wearing headphones and listing to music so i'd hope that if someone did see me that i would be passed off as the music.
But there was no one around, no one in the park to be seen.
That's why i like going at night it's deserted and i don't have to worry about being seen by any muggles, it's been a little while since i was out there to walk and there's this tree in the far corner of the park, at the far corner of the track and i have always thought it was beautiful but tonight (this will sound insane) but tonight as i was walking alone and thinking about how i don't like it here much that that tree and that place right there is a place i do like here... and that tree looks like it's got arms and that tree looks like it's ready to wrap you up in the best tightest most comforting hug ever.
And it's a tree.... it doesn't change, it doesn't move it just stands strong and i got to thinking about everything it's seen, all the generations it' watched of people come through there and... well i wonder if i'm the only one to think it looks like a tree about to give a hug...?
probably... i'm weird i know lol.

That's random enough after days without writing and it being 2:45am.
Ugh i worked all day at the Church then walked and i thought it would make me tired so that i'd sleep normal hours... Guess not.
Here's hoping for good natural rest.