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2017-01-18 19:02:42 (UTC)


Good afternoon!

It is so hot I have the air conditioner on. I am a bit tired of the hot weather. This morning when we went to the supermarket it wasn't so hot. We had rain last night. I have been out of the house twice this week.

Yesterday, my daughter went to the movies with her friend. They spent nearly two hours by themselves. I still find it difficult to allow my daughter to go out by herself, as she is still young though. She said the other people in the cinema took her place. Anyway, it was good that they found a free place to sit down and watch the movie.

This morning, as I said before, we went to the supermarket. My daughter went with us. It is always nice when she comes along because she helps me to pack the groceries and so on. I will miss her help when school starts. Also, I am glad the fridge is full and we have food to eat. It is always nice to be grateful for what we have. I am, be sure of that.

Being a housewife is not so bad... Once in a while I feel bored with my routine but that is life. By the way, I have spoken to my husband. He is all right. I do miss him... so does my daughter.

I am enjoying the holidays because soon I will have to get up early again. I just hate routine. The afternoon has been quite long. Today as I went out I haven't done a lot of housework. I intend to do it tomorrow morning.

Well, that is it. I wish good energy to all of us.