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2017-01-16 18:16:53 (UTC)

Monday...4 more days

Good lord. We finally made it to this week. Friday will be here soon. As fast as time is passing me by it should be here in a few moments...
in the meantime, I am still fighting this rash, bumps on my scalp. I am trying one more time to use this damn shampoo for head lice. I have it on now with a shower cap. After this last treatment, that is it. I am going to attempt to locate a dermatologist that does not mind taking the time to actually do their job. The last two did not. And nothing they said was true and the crap they had me used worked.

I have a facebook friend, a guy who posted photos of himself after skin cancer surgery and apparently he had to have some of his skin removed from his head. So, I know this might not be head lice at all. I still have seen no signs. I just had it cut, that girl did not see any signs, my husband and son are close to me here and neither of them are infested. So, infected might not be the correct word. It is a condition if not that. So, like I said, this is it. Last time to try this. I am going to ask the guy who his doctor was. If it is not one of the ones I have been too...I am going to go to his. If not, that place where my husband went too. They saved his life. He had a place on his back that had to be removed by a surgeon.
It was awful.

I am ok with whatever needs to be done. I am so sick of this that I do not want to be around anyone. I do not want anyone to hug me....
please keep your distance and do not touch me. That is my thoughts about people.

I stopped into the pub downtown this talk to the owner. We were discussing my ex friend Steph who she was asking about. I just told her the truth. Since her surgery, I have not talked too her since the week she came home from rehab. So, I asked her about that damn woman who I wanted to beat the living shit out of....who says things about people that is not true.....and says things about herself boosting that is also not true. I hate that bitch. I told the owner I had not been down there too much cause I do not want to run into her. I am not sure how I would handle it. I certainly would tell her to stay the hell away from me. WOW.....she began telling me about the story I had read in the paper about this man stabbing his cousin down there. IT WAS THAT WOMAN'S son. She had her alcoholic son down there and he took a blade out and cut the man so bad he almost died. She started a bunch of nasty talk about the place....after that. Apparently she was mad that not everyone would help pay her son's bond. LOL I was relieved that she does not go there any longer. Matter a fact, the owner
told her to her face she was no longer welcome. GOOD. I still love that place.

Anyway....this shit is eating my skin off my I suppose it may be time to wash it off.

More later as it happens.....