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2017-01-16 16:14:31 (UTC)

Miserable - just a little bit


I know I promised that I would not complain about things but this morning I felt miserable. It was simple... It was hot, extremely hot and I had to cook. The kitchen seemed to be an oven and I was there in the middle... The sun was in the front window, so it means that I was in the sink and had to cook with the sun on my face... ha ha ha ! Great. I just felt so miserable that a lot of negative thoughts came to my mind. Now I have recovered from this episode but I was depressed indeed.

Some moments of my life I get like this. Although, I try not to write about it I felt today I should share this situation I went through. Then, I started thinking about other type of life I could have. Just day dreaming... The reality hit me when I was back in the kitchen washing the dishes from the lunch. Unless, you are really rich, life is difficult for most of the people.

I really don't mind cooking but in the summer it just seems too much the hot weather and the heat in that room.

This morning I felt it was really difficult to start the day again. Maybe because I had a miserable night of sleep. I have decided that I am not going to sleep this afternoon to see if I sleep better tonight. Tomorrow we are going out to the mall. A friend of my daughter is coming here and we are going to the mall. They want to go to the movies.

Being honest with this hot weather, I don't feel like going anywhere. But I must get out of the house. It is good for me and my daughter. It was a long time I didn't feel sorry for myself. I used to go out more often but money is short nowadays. Despite all these things I still have hope. If I loose my hope things will get even more difficult.

By the way, I have spoke to my husband three times today. He is okay. Then I described to him how I felt... He said he doesn't think about depression. Well, good for him.

Today is our Wedding Anniversary. It is good to know we are still connected.

Well, that was my morning... Hope good energy comes around, of course to all of us.