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2017-01-13 11:14:58 (UTC)

Positive energy

Good morning!

I started my day with a shower as I always do to wake up nicely. Then, I had my breakfast and here I am.

The washing machine is on. I still have another load of clothes to wash. I have made my bed and I am waiting for my daughter to get up so I can tidy a little bit her bedroom. I am planning to wash a little bit the car this afternoon...At least, clean a bit of the windows. Let's see.

I said I didn't have plans for this year but I have decided not to complain so much about things I cannot change at the moment. This is my goal. I guess I already mentioned something like that before but it is the only thing I can really do to change my life right now.

My husband is at work. I am glad they asked him to work more hours it means cash in the pocket. He is doing all right but like me he would like to change things. Our plan for this year is to be together again, to see each other.

I will have a long day ahead. I am hoping to have a reasonable day. So, it means routine.

So, good energy to all of us.