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2017-01-12 22:46:19 (UTC)

Beautiful day...

I had to get out of here today. Rode downtown to the post office. Finally received a card from sister in law. I was not sure what she wanted
my address for and was beginning to get concerned. I only gave her my post office box. Which will be changing this year as soon as I get to
it. Could be soon. I talked to my brother before the holidays and the conversation was the same as last year. He talked about them both being diabetic. Both on special diets. Aches and pains. His son is doing good moving up at the company he works at. Still nothing about where they live. Not sure why there are being so secretive. I want to detach from people who bring me down. Just like my biological sister, this sister in law does not get the fact that I do not want a relationship with the biologicals. I told my sister I did not want to hear about our mother. I have the right to protect myself from mental anguish. But she did not hesitate to bring up stories and photos of our mother, so I stopped wanting to go see her. Hell, she named a daughter of hers the same as our mother. Very unusual name. The sister in law must not have any relatives around here except her son. She wants to have a relationship with all of them. I am not going to be dragged into something I feel uncomfortable with. I feel uncomfortable. Walking away. It is called DETACHING....

The ride took me farther than I intended to go. The ATM was not working at our Wells Fargo. So, I had to drive to Belmont. But I did not mind. The ride was nice and no snow at all anywhere. It was around 65 degrees today. I expect it to be warmer tomorrow.

I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow....around noon. Be thinking bout me. OH MY GOD.

I am having to most horrible thing to be happening to my scalp. The hair cut is first step. Next...another dermatologist
appointment...this time to a real doctor. Last two were assistance and did not help. No explanation. Nothing. Just a prescription for
shampoo. Nothing has worked. Still a mess. I am allowing it to drive me insane. My hair is so thick. I am getting it cut
very short tomorrow. I need to be able to style it quicker. I am sick of waking up in the morning with a wet head.

I am been using ice packs at night just to go to sleep because my head is so hot, it is burning.

I feel like I have the clap on my head. ( I know that was in bad taste - but I never promised you a rose garden )