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2017-01-12 11:08:50 (UTC)



It is a sunny day here in Brazil. Yesterday it was cloudy and rainy but we had some sunshine as well.

I'm in a good mood as I don't have to vacuum the house today. Yesterday was a productive day for me. I vacuumed the house, cleaned the shower box floor, cooked and did some laundry. The morning passed quickly and the afternoon as well. Although I got a bit fed up with the weather because we couldn't be in the pool.

My father is well again. He had some problem in one of his foot but now he is better again. I haven't spoken with him yet. I've spoken with my mother. She is going out this morning by herself. I guess she will meet my aunt.

We went out on Tuesday. My mother wanted to go to the mall. So, we had a nice time there.
Today, I will be at home but I want to relax for a while, enjoying my day as my daughter soon will be going to school again and then routine starts. I have been waking up really late, around 7.50 a.m or 8.00 a.m.

I have chatted with my husband. He is all right and seemed to be happy enough he is coming to visit us this year. I am happy as well. So, I have decided to complain less this year and think more positive about things.

Well, hope to write soon again...
Until that, good energy to all of us.