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2017-01-11 21:23:53 (UTC)

Finally breathing again

I got up at 2am to get a icepack to put on the back of my head. It was on fire. It seemed. I used a mirror and parted my hair in
several places at the back to see it. It was blood red. I decided to use the ice pack to help this time. Been going on a while...not
sure why or what, but it is not head lice. I know that. It is not bed bugs. I know that. There is something going on with my
scalp that I have never heard of or seen before. The ice helped a lot.

I got up again around 10am. Started my day drinking my coffee and made a cup of that tea I been drinking every day.

Later in the day, I realized something. I can take a deep breath and my right side, right lung area does not hurt. I think
it is that tea helping cure stuff that is wrong with me. Actually my head has been quiet today too.

I am working on it.

My Trump hat came today. I was watching his news conference and the FEDX truck pulled in at the same time.

One more week...and we will only have a couple more days.

thank you GOD