Thoughts of the Troubled
2017-01-11 17:51:44 (UTC)

Who cares?

I just need to vent right now..

Why is it that I finally came to the conclusion that I need to see a psychologist and get evaluated but when I call any of the doctors that take my insurance, NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE!! It's so frustrating, I called on yesterday and left a voicemail. No return. I call a different one today, no answer. Left a voicemail. I'll see if they return my phone call today or tomorrow. If not then I'll call one last doctor. If they don't answer or return my phone call I am giving up because I'm not playing this game anymore. I rather result back to my old ways of internalizing everything and shoving it down deep inside and pretending I don't hear, see or think nothing. Pretend that everythings okay.

Ugh 😑 so frustrating. Like do you care ?? Isn't it your job to be there and help people like me?? Why ignore me. Ugh! That's all for now. I'm frustrated and have a long busy day ahead of me I am not looking forward too.