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2017-01-11 16:40:53 (UTC)

Day of rest

Somehow hurt my right upper arm at work last night, so I unfortunately had to stay home today. Fucking sucks because I cannot afford it. I can barely move my arm certain ways without wincing in pain. Took extra strength Tylenol & put muscle gel on it. Will use a heating pad too here & there. Fuck it hurts. Dammit.
Finally saw Derek yesterday. Had not seen him since last Fri when he told me about his breakup. He stood at the desk & talked to me & my coworker Shannon for a little bit. I'm lusting after him pretty damn bad. I'm trying to keep myself in check & not go ballshit crazy over it. I haven't been this attracted to another dude in so so so long. I'm not even this bad for Justin. Sit & think about that for a minute. I love Justin, but seeing his body doesn't make me ache like it does with Derek. Even tho Justin's body is super fit & muscular & Derek's is not. However, Derek is six feet tall & I really think it's his height that turns me the fuck ON. Justin is only 5'7. I look at Derek's neck sometimes like a vampire that hasn't eaten for weeks. o_0