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2017-01-11 02:37:33 (UTC)

More than a Bucket list

Mood: Happyish? haha
Song: Church bells by Carrie Underwood
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These are some things that i genuinely would like to learn how to do and be able to do proficiently, to do well and be kind of good at.
It's more than a new years resolution or something to put on a bucket list, it's things that i kind of get afraid of for one reason or another and i'm tired of living in fear, i'm tired of letting fear stop me from trying things.
It's like that quote from the movie a Cinderella story, "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

As much as i fear failing, i'm more afraid of this time next year coming around and me being in the exact same position having not done or even tried some of the things that i'm going to be putting on this list.
It's going to be scary trying new things, and i might fail at first but i won't give up. and i also might have to do some or all of these things alone and i also can't let that stop me from trying.
I've heard that it's okay to be scared because it means your about to do something brave...and well that's not my name for no reason lol.
Time to live up to my name i think.

Some of these aren't that out there or extreme but just things that i want to know how to do.
some are more...out of my comfort zone than others...haha.
okay here's my list in no particular order.

1. Learn to play an Instrument.
I'm considering either Piano or Guitar.
i'd love guitar....but i think in some way's Piano might be easier, plus if it's piano my mom could help out cause she knows how to play.

2. Learn how to dance( like waltz, two step, ect)
Maybe I'll look into a class, Maybe i can convince a friend to go with me.
I mean i have no where to go to dance, no reason to learn and no one to dance with but if i'm completely honest, I kind of have this fantasy of dancing at my wedding(Should i ever actually get married) i picture dancing with my Husband and having a traditional dance with my dad, (thought we'd both have to learn how lol!) It's insanity.

3 Learn a second Language proficiently.
I mean i know a little bit in several languages from school and from my travels but not enough to say that i can speak the language well lol.
i want to be able to speak at least 2 languages fluently maybe more.

4. Learn how to Crochet
My mother also knows how to do this and i just think it's awesome, the things that she's able to make and just the doing something with your hands, the therapy it is. ect.
I'd just like to know how, I tried to learn once when i was a kid i couldn't even make a chain and didn't have the patients to really try and learn i'd like to now.

5. Have a successful Photography Business of my own.
I really really really really...did i mention really? want this.
I feel like it would be amazing for me to be able to make some money doing something i love and also be able to maybe talk to and help people along the way.
I think about this and the anticipation and the happiness the thought gives me.... yeah. :)
but that means that there's a few of the Technical things that i'm going to have to learn.... and i'm going to have to figure out prices and just take the first steps and getting started which is the hardest part.

Okay so those are some of the things that i really want to learn how to do and be able to do well.
The Dancing and the learning the Instrument are probably the two that are the farthest out of my comfort zone,
then the learning the language and then the Crochet and starting the Photography business.
Idk... I need someone to stick me to this and help me complete these things. :)

anyways that's all for now.

What are some things that you want to learn to do just for yourself? to better yourself, things that are more than bucket list items or New years resolutions that we always break?