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2017-01-10 21:32:00 (UTC)

Tuesday 's gloom

This day started early with the smell of bacon in the air. He was up cooking breakfast which helped all of us get started on
the right foot. My son got dressed and left to the garage to work on race car bodies today. His regular job do not work
during weather like this. So, I decided today would be a good day to do laundry again. Seems like the only thing I really
do around here. Washed all the towels again and changed my bedding. All that wore me out.

Went online to look for rentals to send this girl who lives in Abbeville. Her parents are from this area and she has been
wanting to relocate herself. I knew she was looking for a 4-5 bedroom. So, I sent her what I could find. Cheapest one
was 1150.00 a month and I would not live it. She later sent me an email stating she is looking for a 4-5 bedroom and she
only wants to pay 500 a month. She could pay a little more than that if it is nice. I told her she would come out better
getting her relatives here or friends to keep an eye out for rentals. And to check the classifieds...maybe Zillow.
I do not usually refer anyone to Zillow but in this case, it was about all I had.

Anyway...I did the best I could.

He helped me change my sheets. Brought a medical bill in here for 1300 bucks. This is the one for the bladder thing....which
showed nothing. Although I was told to do the hormonal meds to try in order to avoid surgery. What surgery? Did not
bother going into that. Medical people beat all I ever seen. We paid almost that much for the colonoscopy. And a
couple other things this year. So, the medical pay out this year has been ridiculous. Dipping into our savings to pay it
is not what we saved for. But one does what they must.

I told him I was doing nothing this year that is not paid 100 percent by insurance like checkups.
I will wait till the Medicare kicks in to do anything else.

Anyway.....snow still melting. It is getting warmer everyday. I love seeing it. But I hate it too. Time for the snow
to go. We expect 70 degrees in a couple days.

I am ready to take a ride....and get the hell out of here.