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2017-01-10 01:50:53 (UTC)

Still snowed in

We are snowed in still. My son is brave enough to venture out, but my husband and I are staying inside. It should begin to melt after
tomorrow. Heck, it will be 70 degrees Friday. Go figure.

Today was a hoot with the Meryl Streep carp from last night. I know no one that even watches those silly award shows. They start having
them this time of year and there is one it seems twice a month. It appears that Hollywood types need to get patted on the back from time
to time. Instead of being thankful to those who gave her such a prestigious award, she waste that time to trash our President. It was
clear during the campaign that she is Hillary groupie. She bullied Trump while on the campaign trail as much as possible and must
be a special snowflake that needs to be comforted that he has won instead of her buddy Hillary. These people are so disappointing.
And Ron Howard stuck his nose in it on facebook. What a damn pussy boy.

I started doing the lemon/turmeric/honey tea every morning. I noticed yesterday that I am not as stiff and sore all over. This stuff is
working. The small bag of lemons are perfect for this. One lemon is just enough to make the perfect combination. It takes some
getting used to as far as taste, but it is not that bad. Especially since it works....or seems too so far.

Now...I need to get some business and more money so I can order Nutri System and start dropping this weight. Sick of being
a fat ass. Now that I have dropped a bunch of the people/friends who were becoming a hassle to be friends with, users....I can
start over being in the world by my damn self. I work to hard to have nothing but regret. I do not need people following me around...
If I want to go somewhere, I will go alone. I have people who can drive me. My being the driver days are over.
And so many of them showed me real fast that is what I was for in the group...and nothing more. Now, they are
nothing more. I can play that way.