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2017-01-09 00:22:32 (UTC)

Sunday in the snow or is this ICE?

We have had our snow this year. I will say it looks great. I love seeing it from the inside. We are very fortunate to have not lost power. Many other folks near here did. With the temps near freezing at times, having no power has to be brutal. It has been quiet around here. We do ot live on a main road, so our neighbors have not been in and out too much. Been nice.

His aunt did not pass away. She is not in very good shape, but we do not know much. His brother was just calling ever 5 or 10 minutes trying to get a response and leaving desperate messages did not help. My husband does not like talking to his brother so much. He is going through what I did with my ex friend. Neither of us like talking on the phone much. She would call and talk for hours...on and on about people I do not even know. All this told me was make sure not to tell her much if I do not want it broadcast. His brother is a drinker. He does not work anymore and lives alone. His situation is causing him to be mental. When he drinks, it is worse.

I am sure that if he talks to anyone in their family, and reveals that he calls here a lot and no one answers the phone, then they will be running their mouth implying that I probably have it cut off, or I am not allowing my husband to answer it. They hate me like that. LOL
And after all this time, the feeling is mutual. I am convinced that he has some mental illness running ramped in his family. I do not care to be around any of them.

He has another aunt that he does not like to see or talk too. She is to me the most normal one. But he still avoids her. I finally asks him
why. He has a very none existent relationship with his daughters. His sister made sure of that years ago. His aunt knows this. But she always starts her conversations with him with..."have you talked to the girls are they doing" putting him on the spot with something he has nothing to say about. What is he supposed to do..bust out crying and tell her that his daughters hate him so much that they never call, never stop by, not even on fathers day, any holiday, his birthday, and even with his surgeries and facing death before, they never cared enough to call to see how he was or why in the hell would someone bring them up unless they are just trying to rub it in just a little deeper?

They are all fucking crazy. I stay the hell away from it at all cost.

And as far as he goes...we make him feel special every damn day....not just those other days. He knows he is appreciated, loved
and respected. We are his family. And if they do not want to be apart of our family, then that is on them. They are choosing this.
Not us.

Today, I got a call from someone interested in our listing in Harrisburg. Talked to the boss about it and he called them too. He told
me not to send them anything about the property yet. We want to see how serious they are first. He wished we had a brochure
to send people instead. So, I told him that I would make one and send it too him asap. Less than an hour later, I had a brochure
and a diagram of the property showing how large it is. Being commercial this is important. So, I sent both items too him...and on both
I had added the main information that people usually ask. Then later I realized that one of them was not a PDF file which most
people usually want to use. So, I went in to my publishing software and re-created it again...sending that too him.
All this does is gets me ready for business.

AS soon as this snow melts....I am hoping my phone starts to ring. I am ready to get busy again...and start making some money.
I want to put the money back in savings we used to buy that jeep for my granddaughter. I know it was mostly my money
but I still want it back in there....he will or should be using it to start doing that work when it warms up.

I want to make sure we have enough to start calling people. I intend to get somethings done this year.
Him taking that wall down was only a start. From him, it is only a tease. He has done nothing since.