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2017-01-07 16:32:30 (UTC)

Busy morning

Hi there!

This morning I went out with my mum. She wanted to buy products for making her home diffusers. We went to three places. It was nice to see other people around me although I got a little bit fed up of waiting for her sometimes. But time passed quickly. Also, we popped in the supermarket. It was a busy morning.

When we arrived at home the lunch was prepared. My father cooked for us. My brother, my sister-in-law and my nephew were there as well. So, the whole family was there. I still find my brother strange but then I cannot change the way he is. He seems to be angry all the time. He is going through a difficult time.

Today, I didn't clean the house. I am not in the mood as it is Saturday. But the house is tidy I guess... At least, I am not feeling stressed about it.

My husband is fine. I have spoken a couple of times with him but briefly. We both were busy. I will chat with him later again.

I am a bit tired because I slept very little last night. However, I am not so anxious as was yesterday. I guess there are days where things seem to be a bit too much and others that nothing bothers you. Today I am in a good day.

So, I am going to relax for a while. Good energy to all of us.