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2017-01-07 16:13:00 (UTC)

The snow is here

I woke up early this morning to a new blanket of snow and it is still falling. I had washed clothes yesterday and still had a couple loads to
take care of so I completed that. I also made some cornbread. He is going to make soup. So he mentioned. He came home from the store yesterday with enough food to feed a small town. If we get stuck here for weeks, all we will run out of is milk. They slept in this morning giving me time to catch up on folding laundry and setting things up for the day. I was excited about the snow.

They finally got up to see that it is still snowing hard. My son said that this is it, once this stretch stops, according to the radar, it is over. I
took some photos, but did not post them on facebook. One, they look 100% just like the other snow photos. Their trucks are parked in same place....same trees....same yard. Boring. So, I passed on that this time.

Last night, his brother called here about four times. My husband will not answer the phone. He claims that he is done talking about politics. He said he will start answering the phone after Trump gets sworn in. His brother watches FOX NewS and calls here to discuss everything he sees. I guess my husband is just sick of it I am not sure. But last night, he left messages regarding their aunt. She lives near Raleigh and was rushed to a hospital yesterday. Then when he left that last message, it almost sounded like she may have passed away. But he still did not
pick up phone and did not call him back. Now, his crazy ass family will hear about this and assume that it is MY FAULT he does not pick up phone...maybe I have unplugged phone.....maybe I am not telling him he called.....I am sure they will spin all this to be my fault. They have never liked me. Over the years after years of abuse from them, trust me, the feeling is mutual.

I worried last night about being asked to go to his aunts funeral. I am not going. If I NEVER see any of those people, it will be just
fine with me. Who wants to be in a place where all they get is the stink eye from across the room? NOT ME....not anymore.

Hell, all of them hate me. It is not a big deal anymore. My husband is sick of it too. His kids will have nothing to do with him...
his sister and one brother the same. I think it is mostly there fault. He does not like their lifestyle and did not want them being
so involved with his daughters....and instead his daughters and grandkids were involved with them constantly. Soon we just got
left out. They would be standing right in front of us and say absolutely nothing. To hurtful. So, we stay away.

For him to treat his one brother this way though is only something for all of them to blame on me. Although none of them...
and I mean NONE OF THEM know me at all. If you want to know someone, you talk to them, not about them....especially to
people who do not know them either. They just run me into the ground. I climbed out a long time ago and as far as I
am concerned, they can all go to hell....and probably will.

I hate his aunt has died if that is the case. But that will be one area of this state that we will no longer have to be concerned
about being asked to go to things. Last time, he went with his brother, I had already decided I had had enough.

Still have.

I can still say a prayer for her and hope she can see what is going on now. The truth comes in the end.
Too bad so many people wait that long.