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2017-01-05 23:36:14 (UTC)

Kate Goslin plus seven

What the hell? I was channel surfing last night and noticed the Goslin twins were turning 16 and having a party so I recorded it
to watch later. This morning I watched it. Nothing shocks me on that show but the fact that none of those kids have attempted
yet to murder their cold hearted bitch of a mother. She obviously favors Maddy and the other twin hardly ever talks. She is quiet. I
bet she can not wait to grow a couple more years older. And when they turn 18, that bitch will probably kick her out of the house.

I could not help but notice that the three boys were only two now? What happened to Colin? I think he is the one missing. But
there are only two boys. He was not even there when they had the birthday party for the 6 little ones. Where is he? I was hoping
he was with his dad. No, not with his dad. I went to google and just entered Kate plus 8 where is her son and got the information
I needed. Her explanation is he is a "special needs" child and he is in a place where he can get the attention he needs to learn
the skills needed to be successful or some bullshit like that. Other words, she has put him in a home or institution for kids
with learning disabilities. And he is not ever there for birthdays holidays or anything. I can not imagine how hard and hurtful
this is for that child. She has to be the most horrible mother on the face of the earth. I was able to also read about the dad.
It is sad how he is treated too. He said there was no set up visitations. He would just be at their bus stop to pick them up
and they stopped showing up. He has not heard anything about Colin and has no idea where he is. He has not seen any
of his kids in 2 yrs.

Can you imagine how hurt that child is? Being born into a family that has so many kids, so many much excitement
and all of a sudden for no fault of his own, he is put in a home or institution away from all that, and does not see his
family hardly at all. Who in the hell thought that was okay?

IF any one is reading this that wants to get involved. Please go to the station website, send her some emails or messages...
and let her know she is wrong. Start asking questions. Where is he? Why was he not on the trip to NASA? Why was he
not at home when they had their birthday party? WHERE IS HE? We want to know. Hell, she is so cold hearted, she could
have killed him or may have him locked up in a building or room somewhere. I find it hard to believe that no one has
noticed this.


Help him!!