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2017-01-05 20:13:26 (UTC)

A relaxing day

Hi there!

It is hot here again although we had a thunderstorm. I really enjoy when it rains in the summer.
I had a relaxing day... We had lunch at my parents' house. Right now I am in the office trying to squeeze a few words
As always I am feeling a bit fed up of my routine but I am not doing anything to change it. So, I cannot complain.

I have spoken to my husband today a couple of times. He was complaining as well about his routine and so on. It is always nice when he returns my phone calls or when he phones me as I know he still is connected with me and my daughter.
It is difficult to believe one year has gone and we are now in 2017... I am glad about that because then things start to move forward.

Today I am feeling all right, despite not having a lot of activities to do. I could clean the house but then I am enjoying being around my family as my father is on a holiday. Soon, my daughter's school is going to start again and then I will have to take her. So, I am enjoying waking up a bit later.

Well, I don't have a lot to report so good energy to all of us.