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2017-01-05 17:05:29 (UTC)


We are expecting some snow tomorrow night. This is the only thing people are talking about. I bet the bread and milk at all surrounding
stores are all sold out or will be before the end of the day. This place goes insane when we have predictions for snow. Sometimes, the weathermen will say we are having snow and get us all worked up and we wake up to nothing. But this time, maybe.

He came in here to ask me to call in his prescription. I am not sure why he has to hand me the phone and his pill bottle and have me do it. I have shown him almost every time how I am doing it, where the number to call is and where the prescription number is. He could do it himself. He is not a complete idiot. Anyway, he was standing by me as I did it. When it asked if I would expect the time to pick up or would rather have an earlier time, I choose the earlier time feature. He got a "what the hell are you doing" look on his face and stomped around a little as I completed the call. I looked at him and said why in the hell are you upset? We are expecting bad weather. I was only making sure we could go pick it up before the roads get bad. "well, I did not know what you were doing or tryin to do...." I let him know real quick that he can call it in himself next time. It is not that hard. Not sure why he doesn't already. Unless he feels like he is making my being here have a reason or something.

Today I was up early. Made that apple vinegar with turmeric tea stuff. Later I made a serving of hot oatmeal with diced bananas and
some cinnamon. It is hard, but I am trying. I can not remember to take my hormonal replacement stuff. Can not even remember the patch/cream schedule. I am not good at this. I forgot again to take that damn pill last night. I am not sure if it is healthy to continue trying all this and only taking it sporadically instead of on schedule. I feel tired so much.

Trying to make changes, but even that is hard. He is still not helping. Sometimes I think he knows more about the diabetics that he lets on. Maybe he is trying to kill me. Hell, it would be easy. I mean really, most spouses or partners try to help each other stay healthy instead of the opposite of what is suggested by our doctors. He is doing the opposite. Only thing is he is killing himself too. I am not a nagging bitch. So, he can do what he wants. I only mention things once. What he does is on him.

But I can control what I do. That is what I am trying to do now.
It is hard. It would be easier if I had someone on my side. Someone to help keep me on track.

Not gonna be him.

He does not give a shit.