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2017-01-05 01:36:12 (UTC)

Baked Beets

So, this day started early. I had to drive him to the retina center to have his eye examined. It was a shorter appointment than usual. He goes back in a couple weeks for more shots. The doctor says he will being more aggressive with the treatment this year. Hoping it helps. So, he had both eyes dilated today so I brought him home before returning to the store myself to pick up a few things. I had planned to get some beets for smoothies. But while picking them out, a lady saw me looking at them and discussed how good they were baked. She said her family had them during the holidays and they were a big success. So, I did that with part of them tonight. I actually made spaghetti. But the baked beets turned out great. We both liked them. Discussed having them more often. I told him how good they are for us.

On facebook today, there was a post by this lady I have met before. She made the post to alert all the religious people who have been posting stuff fighting with one another about their beliefs that she was a witch. A pagan. She introduced herself and thoughts on it. After reading some of the criticism about her, I posted that I had met her and we have had several conversations. I also said that never have I ever heard her running anyone into the ground. She is not like that. Never has she brought this up and attempted to sale me on it. It was a sweet post in her favor. I got several likes. But eventually the moderator had to stop comments to this thread because the liberals were having a field day at her expense. I was lucky they did not start in on me. Actually they were lucky for that.
So, today, I thought again about how many horrible people there are in this town now. When and how and where did they come from?

Many are the 30 something who have obviously been brain washed in school or college. I am noticing more and more of that. If someone
goes to college and it appears some people go to college as a career itself. But they are brain washed liberals.....and there is not much you can do but stay the hell away from them. I have too bad of a temper. I keep thinking of Ms Guin who died of a brain aneurism because she was upset and screaming at the man who murdered her sister in law in court. She was about my age then. I need to watch that shit.

Maybe the baked beets will help keep me strong.

Save yourself!!!