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2017-01-04 02:50:49 (UTC)

Trying harder for what?

I have been seeing this recipe that includes turmeric with honey lemon and another one with apple cider and honey to make a sort
of tea using hot water to help detox your body. I have heard that turmeric helps with joint pain. I have had it in my cabinet for a while.
I never use it as a seasoning for food. Not sure what food to use it on. I got it when I used my juicer and added it to juice I made. I had
stopped doing that because the darn thing makes about the same amount of noise as a 747 jet taking off. So, with him here sleeping in
most mornings, I just gave the juicing up. I used it pretty much daily when he was working.

I am trying the apple cider and tonight I squeezed an orange into it since I did not have a lemon. I will try making sure I have what I
need here stocked up so I can make it at least twice a day. Morning and night. I am looking forward to cutting out the sodas. He has
let them run out. So, I am going to ask him not to buy anymore for a while. Should not matter since he hardly ever opens one. If he really wants a soda, he can ride up to the store and buy one.

I started out saying "we" but I believe it is just me. I am going to really try hard to make some changes.

I am changes doctors. I have a couple right up the road I can use. I should not have to drive all the way to
Mt Holly. I am also going to get anew PO BOX in Stanley. I should not have to drive to Mt Holly to check
my mail. It causes me to never go check it. Those changes will be made early on this year.

So, I have lost another friend. Running my mouth too much. Being opinionated. Well, I think she needs to
have a friend that is more like her anyway. She is single with kids. I am married. My kids are grown. She
has way too many problems that I have never had so I am not the best person to bounce that stuff off of.
I really like her though. I guess I will give it some time and just see how it goes with some time between us.
My mouth has about run off most of my friends.

I think I am in way too much stressful pain on the edge to really listen to much. I can not hear. I try to tell
them I can not hear you. So, when they call I have very little idea what they are saying. When we are out
to eat, I can hear in some environments, but not all. I am almost deaf. They do not get it. I do not either.
It is not easy. I do not want to be anti-social. But to stay calm and make sure there is a little drama around
as possible. It seems like the only plan that will work until I figure this out.

I am going to have to make some money to buy hearing aids.

No one seems to understand that I do not shit out 20 dollar bills....actually they think I shit
out 50 dollar bills. But I do not. Sorry.

Changes coming.

Be patient.