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2017-01-03 05:42:03 (UTC)

Ending Start

Mood: Sad, Tired
Song; Winter by Sister Hazel
Color: Bronze

"Ending start"
It Looks like I'm starting this new year with uneasy endings
It looks like I've got secret hurts that still need mendings

It won't break me but it could take me in different directions
Could have fought harder i guess and made all those objections

But is there really honor in going down with the ship?
Hurts either way, letting go or holding on with iron grip.

I feel a little empty, a little lost on this night.
And comfort and answered questions are just out of my sight.

I've got big day dreams of Revival, revolution and taking stands.
I'm always last to know and showing up with empty hands.

Still my hearts beating so i'm going to search for the good
Through my tears, through the fog, through things that aren't understood.

I'm lifting up my empty hands and trying for something new.
I've got Revivals to see and Revolutions i'm living through.