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2017-01-03 04:13:19 (UTC)


Hi there!
Things have been pretty much the same. Long holidays and hot weather. I was trying to stay a little bit away from the computer but then I got bored.
I was enjoying my family's company. We have been in the pool and having meals together.

It is 2.04 a.m. and I lost my sleep. Life has not been easy but it depends on me to change. I am fed up of the same. Same weather, same people, same life and so on. But I have been most of the time fine.

I have been chatting with my husband... he is all right though he doesn't look happy.

So, we are in 2017! How nice... I haven't made any plans for this year. I guess I am going with the flow. Never mind.

I spent the New Year at home just my daughter and I . But we were fine despite of the same.

I am hoping the night goes quickly as I lost my sleep. I guess I am thinking about my husband and his ways... We are so different but we are still together I guess, somehow. Here I am regretting things.

Well, I should go back and try to sleep.

Good energy to all of us.