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2017-01-02 16:33:34 (UTC)

New outlook and new look

Holy Moly, I thought I was lost when I logged into this site.
Nice. I like the new look. I feel like we have all moved into
a new house, new town, new look, change is not always good
but I think this is s good change.

Last night watching a mystery movie; something new happened to
me. It was about half way through when I was sure once again, I had
figured out who done it. Just like always, I just made a mental note and
continued to watch to the end. To my shock and delight, I was wrong.
In the end, someone else was the murderer. I enjoy being right
some of the time, but it was a delight to finally be surprised like
everyone else.

Not sure if any of us should be on social media so much. The next three
weeks will be hard for all of us no matter what side you are on. I saw today
a bunch of crap that Rosie O'Donnell posted about Trump reminding
her snowflake followers how horrible he is. I agree some of the stuff he
has said about women is disgusting. But, he is a man. If we really think that
other men do not speak this way about women to other men, then we
are all living in a sheltered environment. Get real.

At least he has not been accused of rape or had to pay off accusers because
he was guilty like Bill Clinton. There is a big difference to saying something
to actually doing the deed. Not sure what to think.

I just want this month to be over so we can all move on. It would be a
horrible thing if we got into a war right now. The recent reveal of snowflakes
and how spoiled they are and weak....if this is an example of what we would
have as a armed forces if we had to choose from this pool, we are in
serious trouble. It will be a while to over come this seriously concerning
mindset. Years in fact.

I understand the concern people have about Trump. I do. But we need
to accept the fact that he going to be our President. I think we should be
okay with the people that are surrounding him to help give him the guidance
that he needs or will need. Making decisions about our safety, our future
and our economy is the most important. We need changes. We need
jobs. We need more people working than we have now. It is going
to be a lot of hard decisions and work. We need someone making these
calls that loves the country and leaves no doubt about that.

The past 8 years has not left me thinking that anyone had our backs.
Instead, we have been forced to pay for insurance that most of us
can not afford to use.

Hell, I just sent 1400 bucks to one doctor and that was what the insurance
did not pay. That was hard. We will have to do without something this
year. No vacation. Christmas was shallower than usual. No new car for
me although it is time to replace the one I have. It will just have to
last a little longer.

When between the two of us and he is on Medicare we pay about 800 bucks
a month for insurance or a supplemental policy. And that does not count
eyes or dental. I have paid a thousand this year alone on eye appointments.
He has paid about 400. It never stops.

Before having insurance, I would call the doctor, talk to them...get an
agreed on price and that would be what I paid. No surprises. I am
hoping things change in time to help all of us have more money
in our pockets. Our savings account is almost gone.