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2017-01-02 06:55:58 (UTC)


You know whats frustrating?
To have written so many stories in your head, stories that you've developed for literally years that are good, and compelling and complex, that i'd love to be able to tell in just the right words in just the right way but when i go to write them.... i fail miserably.
I love to write...I won't say i'm good at it, because i'm not but i enjoy it and i do it here for my sanity.
But to actually write, the stories in my head the thing i turn to and day dream about when i'm "Bored" the thing that i think about most nights while i'm falling asleep...
These things that seem so deep and so special in my head and then when i go to put it into words it falls flat, not because words fail, but because i can't seem to find a beginning or an end...just the heart of the story.
That i could just jump into but no, i want to write it properly, to tell you why this story exist, to tell you the story and to end it in such a way that it validates in and leaves you with your heart either full or broken.
The way all good stories and all good authors do.

I don't know that, that would ever be me.
all i know is that this year... i'm going to try.
It's scary but i'm going to try.