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2016-12-31 22:15:10 (UTC)

New Years Eve and letting go

We are all still a little raw from this election and realizing who
were idiots and who were not. It is hard to finally have to
let go of people you once thought so much of. But it is true.
Whatever, those are the ones who lived in their own world which
never could connect to mine. I am glad now that I will be wasting
no time being concerned about them. When I walk away; I detach.

Detachment is something I was born to do and I do it well.

For the past couple of days I have been fighting with flu symptoms.
Today is a little better but I am still recovering.

I went ahead and hung a 2017 calendar. Oh my. I am so excited
to finally let go of 2016. It has been a horrible year.

I thought my ex friend would finally let me know was better now
and apologize for being so selfish, but she did not. Whatever.

I almost lost the boss but he got his new liver and is getting back
to his old self. For that I am so happy. But sitting here half
of the year worrying about him and looking for outfits to wear to
his funeral and shoes...and all that really brought me down. As it
turned out, I did not need any of it. He probably is getting around
now better than I am. He is much stronger. I am thankful to GOD
for answering my prayers.

My husband has been getting those shots in his eye. That is still
going on. But we been dealing with that for almost a year too.
He may not be able to work for a while. Still working on it.

My nerves are shot. No reason. Just shot. I worried so much
in 2015, 2016 for my friend and then my boss I am due a year at least
to just not do much of anything. So, I am taking it.

Right now I honestly feel like I could be dying. I feel like
that a lot. I am still alive though. Sick of being sick.
Sick of being in pain. Sick of living with a broken heart.
Just sick.


I hope all of you are making some changes if you need them.

May this new year be filled with hope and happiness and love.