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2016-12-30 01:32:56 (UTC)

Is it Friday yet?

I thought it was Friday most of the morning. Now, I have to wait
one more day to catch up with where I was. Whatever...

No wonder we are so messed up around here. I got barely no sleep
last night. Finally get to sleep around 7am this morning. His
damn brother starts calling here around 8am. My husband will not
tell him to stop calling here every five minutes. He simply does
not answer the phone. So, every five minutes he called again.
Kinda stalker like, huh? Well I was in his den today and noticed
that his brother was calling. His name showed up on the tv. But
the phone did not ring. So, I came into my room and attempted
to do the same. So, thinking I had....

thought I could lay down and try to take a nap.

I had just fell into that deep sleep you know you won't wake up
from for a while when all of the sudden, my damn phone in here
started ringing. I woke up. Jerked the phone out of the wall
plug, stomped into the other part of the house and threw it in a


His brother has retired and is also ill. He also has a drinking
problem. When he is drinking he will call, then talk to my husband
for a while...hang up and call back again 10 minutes. If he does
not answer the phone, he is calling back in five minutes. It is

Lord help us.