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2016-12-30 00:26:49 (UTC)

Are we out of the woods yet?

Mood: Tired
Song: Here by Alessia Cara
Color: dark blue

Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we in the clear yet?

Those words echo in my mind from a year ago when i said them and wondered if i was going to make it though.
Not trying to be dramatic or anything just being honest.
last November and December were so long and hard and horrible.

I am happy to say that i am in a much better place this time of year this year than i was last year.
I know how i felt, how i still sometimes feel.
But i know that there is hope and that there are good things to come and that is why i ask the question...are we out of the woods yet?
what's coming next? what's going to happen in 2017?
are we in the clear? are we going to get hurt again or can we relax in the knowledge that we are supposedly where we are supposed to be?

Right now what i want most and am hoping for most is this:

1. A place where i fit and that feels like home because i don't have that, haven't had that in over a year.

2. My family to be okay and to not struggle.

3. Friendships that are good.

I'm hoping and praying and just hanging on for the final ride.
Anxious and excited to see whats going to happen.