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2016-12-27 17:31:41 (UTC)

Running my mouth too much

I am not sure if it is a result of being older or what, but I
have a issue of running my mouth too much. I need to watch that.

One of my friends called last night who is also friends with a
couple others in our circle. I had not heard from her in a while.

She started asking things and next thing I know, my mouth is on
HIGH SPEED and running faster than my brain. Deep inside my head
I knew I was saying too much. I knew I had said things that one
of our other buddies had shared with me and it should have been
kept private. But it was something that causes us to be concerned
about them. I think it was my concern that caused me to share it.

I wanted this friend to also be concerned and know about it so
she would be ready to be a little more compassionate or understanding?
I am not sure but I felt like a snake in the grass after we said
goodbye promising to meet up for lunch soon.

J Peters here we come....for lunch first weekend after new years...

Then this morning my mouth was on idle for a while, but my husband
mentioned the name of one of ex friends and how ridiculous she acted.
OH HELL, I my mouth went from zero to a hundred real quick.

I could not stop. What a bitch I must sound like.
I am turning into one of those
busy bodies who run people in the ground.

Not good.

It is not that I am so disappointed in myself as I am them.

My mountain friend has always been out there in left field.
She will brag about things that I find appalling. But we been
friends so long, I think I was just over looking my not seeing eye to
eye with her just to keep that sister love.

But, during this election, if could not be saved any longer.

I had to ask myself, do I really want to be known as a friend
to a woman who discussed her sexual escapades as though she deserves
trophy for them? Do I want to be connected to a person who does
not believe in God and will challenge anyone who does as loud as
she can? I could not go to that area and hang out at places with
her any longer since she had alienated so many of the people there that I wanted to see or talk too.

The people at the coffee shop began
to see her as a joke.
She would rant on and on about her beliefs
political and religious to the point that they no longer
wanted her
in there.

Last time I was there, she went on and on the entire time about
the young man in her life...although I have never seen him....
he is much younger and as she claims has the mental mind of
maybe a 3rd grader. So, she can control him and dangle him
on that string....yanking him into her web when she needed him.

Just like another man she was once obsessed with....he did not
show affection toward her in public. That other guy would not
even walk on the same side of the street as her, but like this
young stud, she talked on and on about him about him constantly.
It is sad.

I told my husband today that I do not want anything ever again
to do with her. She and her circle of buddies have never been
very kind to me anyway. I have had my feelings hurt way too
many times by that crowd to even be concerned about any of them.

You have to know when it is time to walk away.

But about that friend last night? God I wish I had not said
so much. It is not my place to share some things. If that girl wanted
her to know any of that, she would have told her herself.

I am learning.

But it is so hard.