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2016-12-27 08:02:35 (UTC)

Can't seem to sleep

Mood: anxious...
Song: Silence
Color: Red with Orange Flecks

Because i can't seem to sleep and i guess i have nothing better to do wit my time at 12:47am i am writing, to whom?
well i can think of several people that could use a bit of a cheering up and a positive message...
I don't know what i have in me to say right now...
I feel my hands shaking as i write this and i just have this gut feeling that something is wrong.
I don't know exactly with whom or what it is all i know is that i can feel it and it's making me anxious and jumpy i mean sheesh my phone went off just now and i about jumped out of my skin... -_-

*Takes deep breath*

I'm closing my eyes and i'm saying a prayer for whom ever is struggling right now, weather it be who ever it is i know personally that is having a problem right now but also for you the reader, for whom ever may see this know that a prayer was said for you, no matter where or when you are.
It brings me great peace that time that i took to pray just now...
I cannot even explain the peace that flooded me.
I can't say that i still don't have a feeling that something is up with someone i love but i can say that i know that things will be okay.
that's the thing about God he gives peace that passes understanding
that means that when you are feeling intense emotion the depression the anger the fear that if you pray to God and you ask him for peace for his peace that passes understanding he will give it to you because he loves you.

I resort to old means of comfort when my heart feels this way
both Prayer and then Poetry are what's left at end of the day

Music is also so soothing to the soul with the melodies to play
A friends words of hope remind me why i fight, why i still stay

Through pain and betrayal through storms and wind and foggy gray
wiling myself to hold out for the light, the strength to not stray

To do good with my life to be worthy of a free gift i cannot repay
Resolved to speaking in rhymes trying to say words i can't convey

Wishing to tell the world that Love isn't a weakness as they say
That there are those who'd give it freely no strings nothing to pay

those are my words in poetry here are some much better one's the following is a lovely poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
which is called "The day is done"
which i believe is the most appropriate way to end this entry.

"The day is done and the darkness
falls from the wings of night
as a feather is wafted downward
from the eagle in it's flight"

"I see the lights of the village
Gleam through rain and the mist
and a feeling of sadness come o'er me
That my soul cannot resist

A feeling of sadness and longing
that is not akin to pain
and resemble sorrow only
as the mist resembles the rain

Come read to me some poem
Some simple heartfelt lay
that shall sooth this restless feeling
and banish the thoughts of day

Not from Grand old masters
Not from bards sublime
who's distant foot steps echo
through the corridors of time

for like strands of martial music
their mighty thoughts suggest
life's endless toil and endeavor
and to-night i long to for rest

read from some humble poet
who's songs gushed from his heart
as showers from clouds of summer
or tears from eye lids start

who through long days of labor
and nights devoid of ease
still heard in his soul music
Of wonderful melodies

Such songs have power to quiet
the restless pulse of care
and come like the benediction
that follows after prayer

Then read from the treasured volume
the poem of thy choice
and lend to the rhyme of the poet
the beauty of thy voice

And the night shall be filled with music
and the cares that infest the day
shall fold their tents like Arabs
and silently steal away.

Poetry is soothing to me i hope it is also soothing to you.