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2016-12-26 16:52:31 (UTC)

The day after....

Christmas here went as planned. No drama. Well, his brother
did not show up. He is bad about getting toasted and calling
here all hours of the night and very early morning. He will call
several times. Matter a fact, the other day he called three times
starting at 7:20am only waiting five minutes between these calls.
It has been an issue.

Lately though, his health had been getting poor. He has passed out
in places several times recently and medic will say it is because
his blood pressure was so low. My husband says their mother had
that issue too.

However, we thought he was ok to come yesterday and even offered to
go pick him up. He assured us that he would be here. He never showed.

So, we went ahead without him. But before my husband could finish
eating he calls to tell him he had been at his cousins and fell out again. He aunt took him a plate of food which nothing he said really
made much sense. But we were glad he was home and not on the road.
His cousin called to give us the number of a doctor he may need to
see in case he forgets to call and make the appointment.


Anyway...we had cooked ham yesterday so this morning, I was going
to make omelets muffins for the guys. I started by looking for
my muffin pan. It is one of those that hold a lot of muffins...not
the six muffin size. Could not find it.

So, I asked him if he could help search for it. It appeared he
had moved some things around. I do recall him buying a six muffin pan. I had seen it. But there was no reason at all for him to toss my
larger one. But it looks like he did. I just said, well whatever, my intentions were good. But I have lost interest now.

He also said something about the smell of my Lysol wipes. I had
mentioned something about my nails breaking off. He said it is
probably because of those nasty smelling wipes you use to wipe things down. HUH? Lysol is used in many places to kill germs and it
smells good. Not to him though.

If it was not for those wipes...we would be sick all time.
I use them if my son is wipe down door knobs...light
switches...refrigerator handles kill the germs;


He found my damn pan.

Took him long enough...after hiding it from me.