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2016-12-24 23:09:33 (UTC)

Almost Christmas

Mood: Anxious
Song: If i get home on Christmas day by Elvis
Color: Dark Blue with silver flecks

Tomorrow is Christmas day... it doesn't feel like it lol, not in a bad way or anything it just feels... weird and stuff.
In two hours i will be watching Its a wonderful life and doing Chirstmas eve stuff with my family, that should be fun.
I'm looking forward to it.
and i'm looking forward to the festivity's tomorrow.
I can't wait to see my family open their presents and then we have church, and then home and we are making Chinese food for Christmas dinner and i can't wait for that because Chinese is the best kind of food out there. :)

*shrugs* nothing big planned and not expecting anything big.
But it sounds like the rest of today and tomorrow will be good,
Here's hoping :)

I'm a little sad about the fact that i won't be with my friends for new years though, no party or anything.
But i guess i could ring it in with my friends from other country's that's where a time difference will come in handy.
Lord i can't believe it's almost 2017, that sounds so futuristic when honestly? it's not lol.
Again here's hoping for a good year...
New years resolutions to come.