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2016-12-24 04:43:58 (UTC)

Weekend update...

Well, not sure where to start. I have not been feeling well. I
mention the congestion in my chest and the skin lesions. Well,
my husband heard about something the other night on of all things..
NCSI where they were discussing these same conditions and mentioned.
So, he jotted down Sarcoidosis. I googled it and it appeared to
be a skin disorder. So, I googled chest disorders and low and
behold, there it was. So, I read the symptoms and it does appear
to be what I have been dealing with. All of it...including the
skin thing that comes along with it.

So, after this weekend, I will be making an appointment with
the doctor downtown. THE ACTUAL DOCTOR...not the assistant...
to talk more about this. My husband is going with me.

I have had a very bad day.

My feet hurt like hell yesterday and that is a symptom as well...
swelling and pain. I used the Vicks vapor thing this evening
to get a breathing treatment. I also had picked up a thermometer
that you use by rubbing it on your forehead. I am always running
a low grade temp these days Once today it was over 100. All the same things that I read about. So, we finally at least have a clue.

Tomorrow, I am hope I feel like washing clothes so I can get that
caught up. The girls are coming over Christmas day. I have their
gift bags ready. My husband is cooking.

We asked him to make sausage balls in the morning. I think he
is so we will have them while watching the Panthers get beat
by Atlanta. LOL

Talked him the old man today about the need to lose weight again.
He is not a good partner for that. He likes to cook. He likes
to hand me candy. I am between a rock and a hard place.

We are very upset with what the UN did today in regards to
Israel. Our coward soon to be ex President is showing his
true colors and is trying to mess up the USA as much as he
can before leaving office. I just hope he does not have
time to pardon the Clintons. I look forward to seeing them
in handcuffs.