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2016-12-21 00:15:02 (UTC)

Too old for all this crap

I knew this would be a good day to get out and make sure I have
everything that I need for Christmas. They kids are all coming here
on Christmas day. I went to the bank to get them all a 100 dollar bill.
That will assure that they will show up. I stopped in at the drug
store to pick up some cards that you put money in. Done. I saw
a couple other things in there that I wanted to get them. So, I had to get Christmas present bags to put that stuff in...and this snowballed
on me. Those bags are packed. And I put the envelope in the bottom.
At first they will cash this year. LOL

Got home and my feet hurt like they were on fire. I had to take a minute.
Then I prepared dinner. Tacos tonight. Man they like tacos.

Had to wash a load of clothes too.

I am ready now. I put all that stuff together....all ready.

So, now I can simply take it easy and hope that I feel good
enough to ride around this week...later in it in search for
business. Today, I saw no for sale by owners signs.