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2016-12-20 11:27:52 (UTC)

Good morning!

Good morning!

I got up a little bit late today. I didn't sleep very well but at least I got some sleep.

Yesterday, we went out but the hot weather was strong. I really didn't enjoy going out although everything was OK. We had a couple of things to do downtown but it was really quickly. After that, we popped into the local supermarket to get banana cake and pastries. We enjoyed them a lot.

Now, I am back to my routine. The cleaner left the house shiny... It is so nice when the house is like that. Although, she cleaned the house I have to continue with the light housework. I have to change the beds but I will do it when it is sunny because I need to wash the sheets and do some laundry as well. In fact, I am already washing some clothes but I need to keep going with the job.

My daughter is still sleeping. I would like to tidy her bedroom a bit but I will do it later I guess.

This morning I have spoken to my husband briefly and I hope to continue our conversation later.

Well, I must go now...Good energy to all of us.