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2016-12-19 03:35:11 (UTC)

Sunday catch up

Catching up on what? One more day and this electoral thing will be
over. We hope it is over early so we do not have to wait all
day. Please do not delay it.

Been experiencing heart burn very bad today and most days
recently. I have got to get over this week...this time next
week, the family thing will be over and I will be ready to start
getting prepared for the new year. Diet central. Yeah, I said it.

Sick of the heart burn. Sick of being this big. Sick of feeling
like shit. And even with all that, I am looking forward to the
new year. Especially with our new President and I am hoping he
does not let us down. Although with no experience of being
in politics, he will make mistakes. I can give him a learning curve.
We shall see. Just get started...and get the ball rolling.

I woke up this morning soak and wet. The doc told me to take this
new hormonal replacement for about two months to see if it works.
Shit. I like things to work faster. I am sick of the menopause
crap. Come on mother nature...can you give me a break?

Next year will be new for me as I have weeded out the people in
my life that brought me heart ache. The bleeding heart liberals
are gone. BYE....and the tree huggers. BYE.....

I intend to make a lot of money this year. My boss is alive.
I am thankful, grateful and feeling blessed. My daughter has
a full time job, my granddaughter has a job...all is good with
the women. I am not gonna concern myself with not seeing them
much, that will be on them. Not me.

Feels good already not have to deal with the drama queens...
and that one who wanted to talk all day or send text that were
pages long....about people I do not know. I am not a gossip.
Not me. I do not want to hear about anyone's issues...
I do not care how many kids they got, how many times they been
married nor to whom. It is none of my business. I wish I
had never told her much about myself. Hoping not being
able to get a word in edgewise saved me from that.

I do not go out anymore at night. Not drinking and partying...
those days are over.

I will be getting a new camera this year. I will be taking
a art class downtown. I will be meeting new people whom do
not need to be crammed up my butt or call me constantly.
I only like talking to people now who want to look at property
or sell property. I am a business woman.

That is it. I am still the boss. I will be the boss.
I will be a good one too.

2017 is right around the corner.

If we do not get nuked or go into a full blown race war...
we might be ok.

Better at least