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2016-12-18 18:34:15 (UTC)

Lunch out

Hi there!

I am back to my housework...ha ha ha... How nice though. I am much better than yesterday because I am doing some light housework. However, I didn't have to cook this morning we had lunch out. It was delicious. My father said he didn't like it very much but I did.

The cleaner is coming tomorrow so the house will be nice and shine again.

My parents'house is decorated for Christmas. It is going to be good to celebrate it although my brother is going to be together. It is always strange when he is around.

It is partially cloudy and it is getting hotter. I can feel it. Tomorrow we are going out in the afternoon. Nothing really important just routine before Christmas.

I haven't felt really depressed lately. I guess I am doing all right. I am waiting the sun to disappear from the sky so that I can walk in the path and exercise a bit again. It is good for me.

Well, hope to relax a bit afterwards.

Good energy to all of us.