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2016-12-17 20:02:09 (UTC)

Long Saturday

Hi there!

It has been a long day. I haven't done much today... I mean, housework. The weather is just as I like, at the moment. It is cloudy and cool but earlier it was raining heavily. It is nice it is not hot but soon the summer will return.

This morning we had lunch at my parents'house. It was OK. I enjoyed the fact I didn't have to cook. I had a break though.

I spoke briefly with my husband. In fact, he said he was going to watch "Dancing with the stars". So, I am waiting to hear from him.

Tomorrow we are going to have lunch out. I am glad we are just getting out of the house.

I am fine despite I am bored with my life. I have exercised and I am happy about that. There are days I don't feel like because my knees ache a lot.

Well, everything is fine... My stomach is better again and I hope to be able to eat different food again. Maybe tomorrow.

So, that is it... Until next time... Good energy to all of us.