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2016-12-15 22:48:33 (UTC)

What a day

I finally paid for that damn lemon car. 1263.66 bucks. And he
said this was not all that was wrong with it. There is more...
I thought I was going to have a stroke. He said she can still
drive it for now....."for now". Implied when he first called
this was just the first time...he and I would be talking...about
all this. Not sure how he worded it....but buddy hell no.

I sent my daughter a message to tell her it is ready to be picked
up and they both need to discuss that car with the man so they are
aware of other things that may need to be done in the future. I told
her that my granddaughter can start saving and she can save too
for those repairs cause this was the last time I was going to be
doing it. I did not say it hateful. I mean man..I paid almost
6k for that car. Then 400 for a part and now this. SHIT...
enough already. I was trying to be nice. It is their responsibility
now to do what people do. After all, they picked it out. And no
one had it checked out first like I had asked.

She said they will be bringing my car back later today.
OH car.

So, today was horrible. I was walking toward to hallway and
my husband was walking the other direction. In my attempt
to get around him while walking past, I tripped on his boot...
and lost balance leaned into the wall, which knocked me forward
and I was getting ready to fall face first into the floor...
he caught me. But I was sore as hell afterwards. Took a while
to regain my composure.

I have since took a very hot shower. I am ready for them to
bring my car. I am upset about the TRUMP crap going on. SICK
of hearing the liberals whine and cry. I now have a list
of celebrities of whom I can honestly say I never will watch
a damn thing they are ever in. I hate them. Charlie Sheen's old
man is one. Mother fuckers...

speaking of....there was a new reporter who had the nerve to
tweet that TRUMP Sleeps with his daughter...but she said it
more graphic. I hate her. She was fired, but hired by
another news outfit. These damn people are horrible. Hard
to believe any of this shit is allowed.

Ethics means nothing to any of them.

Hell, all this silly stupid shit is happening because of a
damn communist, George Soros. He is feeding into it at
every level including paying rioters. If you or someone you
know is being paid to do this...please stop. Go look for
a real job. This is crazy. Our country has been flushed
down the toilet. Scary times ahead.

Be ready