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2016-12-15 04:28:45 (UTC)

3 fictional characters

Mood: Ugh it's cold but i'm trying not to complain cause i wished for the cold when it was too hot.
Song: Some one like you by Adele
Color: Green with red flecks

So the 3 fictional characters tag thing that went around months ago?
Yeah i did it, posted it on My FB and all but i never really wrote about it, or at least i don't remember it.
And i was thinking about it just a little bit ago and decided that i wanted to share the characters i picked that were like me, and why i chose them.
So here that is and in no particular order.

1. Lucy Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Lucy Pevensie Is the Youngest of Four Siblings having two older brothers and a an older sister.

I was raised the youngest of four sibligs with two older brothers and an older sister

Lucy is firm in what she believes and doesn't lose hope in that no matter how bleak things get

I am firm in what i belive and i don't lost hope in it no matter how bleak things get.

Lucy Is kind and gentle yet fierce and brave.

She is the voice of reason in most instances and i feel that also is like me.
Lucy is known for both her courage and her trust.

She is queen Lucy the Valiant

and i know one thing... i'd rather be a Queen of Narnia than a Disney Princess any day. :)

2. Ginny Weasley(Harry Potter)

Ginny weasley is also the Youngest in her family the only girl in a group of 6 brothers.

She is Shy and more reserved.
(Like me)
She can't talk to the person she likes or loves
(Like me)
She is friends with the people who aren't popular
(Like me)
She had Red hair that she wears long and brown eyes
(like me)
She has a think for guys with dark hair and green eyes
(like me)
She is sorted into Gryffindor
(like me)
She is strong willed and determined
(like me)
She is tenacious
(like me)
She Is loyal and doesn't give up on people
(Like me)
She's independent
(Like me)

Jo March(Little women)

Jo March is Opinionated
(Like me)
She is a book worm
(Like me)
She is a tomboy
(Like me)
She sees things in black and white(right or wrong)
(Like me)
She's a wanna be writer
(like me)
She's geeky
(Like me)
She's Hot tempered
(Like me)
She's blunt
(Like me)
She's a night owl
(Like me)
She has a very active imagination
(Like me)
(She doesn't deal with change well
(Like me)
She wants to right the wrongs of the world and go out and fight
(like me)
She's Clumsy
(like me)
She's kind of a late bloomer
(Like me)
She's sacrifice anything for those she loves
(Like me)
She hates hurting those she loves for any reason
(Like me)

I think that if i am like these Characters at all than i am Honored.
They are beloved Characters from beloved books that i'm thankful to have been able to read and know.
They feel like family.

All mine were girls maybe i'll do a part two where i do the top 3 fiction male characters i'm like and why.
Idk i'll have to think about that.

what 3 fictional characters are you most like and why?