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2016-12-15 00:40:08 (UTC)

Another day another dollar

My phone rang early this morning. It was the man at the garage.
He was telling me the list of repairs and parts for that damn jeep.
Water pump, back brakes, backup lights, some sensor, new battery,
my lord....but he almost has it put back together. Good for me.

I may actually have my car back by this weekend.

But he never called late today to ask for the money....
so it was not fixed or completed today.
Maybe tomorrow.

My daughters phone is cut off. I had to email her to call me.
She called from the phone line at her house....she uses it
for a fax number. MY lord.

I am fine.

Went to Walmart today to pick up this pot I bought for his
brother. It is just like my pasta pot but this one is
stainless steel. I loved stainless. But I am giving it
to him...and keeping the one we have. Love that pot...
it sure comes in handy.

Picked up everything we may need till the end of yr.

I do have to go locate some real good cards....I am sending
real good the few who are still sending them
to us.

SO far...two.

OH YEAH...I wore a pair of the boots I got yesterday.
OH MAN....I was in heaven today.