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2016-12-13 22:23:40 (UTC)

These boots are made for walking...

HOLY COW the boots I ordered came today. Two more high tops
and one ankle boot. All can be worn in rain, snow or just cold.

I am set now. I have all colors for any outfit or dress I have.

So, I am good on shoes now for summer and winter.
First time in my life.

Hope I live long enough to enjoy it.
Feel like crap today.

I took the meds last night...not that pill..I will take
it tonight. I hope this new dose of hormonal replacement
will help. I feel like shit. energy at all.
I could have slept all day.

When the boots came...he announced, there is a UPS TRUCK
backing into the driveway in a tone....that no one wants
to hear. I pay for my stuff. I pay my own credit cards off
when I get the bill. I pay the HSN card too. So, he has no
need to ever be concerned about it. It is my bill, my money
and my stuff.

It is not like I spend all the time. I just need what I need
so when I need to go somewhere, I can get dressed and go.

He is retired basically and wakes up in the morning, sit on
the sofa all day napping till nightfall, then he starts over
the next day. None of my business.

I STILL WORK. I am at realtor. I am the boss at our company
so I have to be able to go to meetings, closings, classes etc
on a short notice. So, he needs to stay out of my business.

He can complain about his own shit. I could complain. But I
am not a nagging bitch. I am very unhappy here and he must
think I should be lucky to have him laying around all day
on the sofa. I beg to differ.

I have a life. I learned a while back that if I wanted a life
I would have to get one that does not include him. So, I did.

GET OVER IT....move over.....and let it be.