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2016-12-11 19:44:53 (UTC)


Hi there!

It is 5.31 p.m. and I am washing some clothes. The weather has improved a bit so they will dry easily.

Summer has arrived and I just don't like it. I just had another shower. However, I didn't go for a swim.

Tomorrow morning, we are going downtown. I have a few things to do. We have decided to go out out in the morning because it is not so hot the weather.

I have spoken to my husband. He is fine... although he worked hard because it is near Christmas. So, it gets busy his job.

We had lunch at my parents'house. It was delicious. I have to be careful not to put on weight. I was walking in the path but suddenly it got too hot and I felt miserable again to walk. But I intend to start it on Tuesday again. Let's see.

As always, I am a bit fed up with my routine. I would like to be doing something else. But for now I just live the life I have.

Here I am trying to write a few words to the world... I must confess I am not very inspired but I keep writing.

Well, I'd better check my

Good energy to all of us!