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2016-12-10 20:41:22 (UTC)

My favourite fish


I am looking for things to do but I am not in the mood of doing any housework. It is raining and the clothes don't dry so I have to keep putting them in the tumble dryer and it costs electricity. So, I will wash them tomorrow afternoon or on Monday. Also, I need to vacuum the floor. All in good time.

We went out this morning to have a delicious lunch at the restaurant. I enjoyed a lot. I love salmon as it is my favourite type of fish. So, the morning was OK.

I still miss meeting and interacting with other people. I love my family but I would like to have close friends.

My husband is working today. After work he is going to a Christmas dinner. So, I haven't spoken to him yet. Yesterday, I did. But it was briefly because he was tired. I guess tonight will be the same as he works tomorrow.

My daughter is listening to some music. I think it is good for her and she keeps herself busy. Lately, she likes to be alone with her songs.

Life has been OK lately but it could be better. Today I am feeling quite well. Let's see tomorrow.

By the way, We are going to have a nice "feijoada" at my parents'house tomorrow. I quite like it.

My weekends, are pretty much the same. But that is fine... It could be worse.

This afternoon, I went to the pharmacy. So, I went out for a bit.

Well, that is it for

Good energy to all of us.