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2016-12-10 20:14:57 (UTC)

First weekend with no car

I do not even miss not having my car here. I talked to her today
and it will be middle of the week before I get it back. Gonna cost
me 1300 bucks. But I told the guy to fix the jeep. I wanted my
granddaughter to have what she wanted. But at this rate, I could have
just bought the car I saw for 7400. But then again, my luck, it would
have probably been a piece of crap too.

After this, I am hoping it at least gets her through to summer.
By then, I hope I have made the money back. Need my car though.

I want to get another car myself. Probably next year. 2017 will
be the year. The HHR is 10 years old. I been in real estate
for 11 yrs. I paid cash for that car. Probably not gonna be able
to do that with the next one. I want something a little bigger.
I want something more comfortable. Maybe a Buick. We shall see
how that goes.

My son came home last night. He told me this morning about the plane
ride and how he went to DALLAS TX not Houston. He sent me a photo
of the cowboy stadium. He sat at a window seat too. So, it was
something else flying above the clouds. He said he was ok with it
and would do it again.

It is cold as the north pole here today. I hate it. Took a long
hot shower last night. Go up early this morning to make a pot
of vegetable-beef soup and a cake of cornbread. No one wants to
leave the house today. The son is sick and been in bed since we
talked. The old man is stuck in front of the TV in the den, his
den...and he has been napping off and on.

Me, I can say I have done much myself. I am sick of being so
tired and lazy all the time. That damn doctor must not work on
Friday. I called yesterday and had to leave a message...or I was
asked too. I instead hung up. I will call them on Monday. I
have not heard from them since my Nov 14th visit where she had
me to do that DNA test with spit. Supposed to check hormone
level and readjust my medication which I never started back
after the colonoscopy on the first. I did not have enough to
do that. I figured I would wait for her to call my new medication
in instead. I feel like shit again.

Keep gaining weight too.

I know better than all this.

I do.