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2016-12-08 19:34:39 (UTC)

Another long day


It was raining heavily a few minutes ago... I love when the weather is fresh and cloudy.

The day is passing really slowly. This morning I managed to iron some clothes and I also cooked. I tried to stay busy. Also, I walked in the path. This was the highlight of my day.

After lunch, I had to take a nap but I am pretty sure I won't sleep early tonight.

Right now, I am bored because I don't have anything to do. Great thing... ha ha ha.

My husband is not working today but tomorrow he will. So, I won't be able to talk in the morning with him as I always do.

My daughter is in the living-room using her mobile. She is addicted now.

Well, I'd better go.

Good energy to all of us.