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2016-12-07 17:46:20 (UTC)

Airplanes and big rigs

My son is on a plane right now with the owner of the company he
works for heading to Houston. This was his first plane ride so
he was excited, apprehensive and so was I. I will not be calm
until I hear that he has landed.

They will go check out a couple big rigs that the owner has bought.
Then once they are deemed safe and road ready, they will head back
this way with them for about 4 hours. Then come on the remainder
of the way tomorrow. Being paid by the hour plus over time.

I will know who has the money if I need to borrow some...
which could be the case soon.

My granddaughters car in still in shop. They have my car so I
am carless at the moment. I am still praying that my daughter
does not crash it. I do not have insurance to cover if she does.

I would not want anything to happen to any of them. But between
the son, the granddaughter and my nerves are about shot.
The other two granddaughters are still too young to be too
concerning or cause too much worry. Three at a time.

The Morris Jenkins guy came to check out our system. He had to
replace a wire that had burned and said it could have started
a fire. OMG The damn thing had been sounding like it was
taking a jet. Now, it is silent. Working fine. He was
a talker. My husband was left to talk to him...and I could hear him
going on and on for about 20 minutes if not longer. After hearing
his truck pull off, my husband came in and said he was a good one...
and told me what he had done. But ended it with, but...he sure
likes to talk.

Neither of us have much to say in our older age. I am sick of
listening to people talk myself. I would rather get a text.
A SHORT ONE IN FACT. But long drawn out conversations...
just not my thing.

I did go onto Facebook today and deleted a bunch of stuff. I
took off all political post and clips of things. Just wanted
to clean it up. You got to do that once and a while. I may have
offended some people but I am a TRUMP supporter. I am happy
to see a changing of the guards...and I now can
in things to work out. In the is time to get
back to business.

I will be picking up the post cards for the daughter probably
on Friday. Maybe I will have them to give her when she brings
my car back...if I ever get it back that is.

If it is like anything else...I will have to pay to get
that jeep fixed. And she will keep my car since her car is
messed up too. I may as well get use to driving that darn

This is my life.....