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2016-12-07 11:45:12 (UTC)

Good week

Hi there!

It has been a good week. I am about to go out but nothing really interesting just routine. My daughter and I have been out since Monday. My mother wanted to buy more bottles to prepare home diffusers.

So far, I have been fine. The depression really hits me when I am not doing anything... I have noticed that. But I am surviving day by day. Today I am in a good mood.

I am now starting to feel a bit more the atmosphere of Christmas although I have decided not to decorate our house. At least, I bought the presents. I still need to buy two or three boxes of chocolate.

Hopefully, I will be enjoying the end of the year as well.

Lately,I have been speaking with my husband. He is doing fine. We miss him and his ways. The house looks empty.

Well, I must go now.

Good energy to all of us.